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After harvesting, the bamboo material is shredded to produce a fibrous material.

The fibers are mixed with resins or adhesives, then bonded and heated under

high pressure. The high pressure forms the wood fibers into a dense block of

wood similar to a log or timber. The final appearance of the wood depends

on how finely the bamboo is shredded. Longer fibers (strands) may be twisted

or woven manually or by machine to create a different look for the material. 



Cutting the Wood 
Once the wood block has been formed, it is cut into strips that mimic the size and

appearance of traditional hardwood flooring. It has its own grain pattern, which closely resembles wood veneer. The planks vary in length and width, though 6-foot lengths    

are standard. The edges are often beveled to allow for smoother and easier installation,

and the surface may be milled or sanded to achieve the desired finish. 

Manufacturers may design these planks for either nail-down or click-together

installation. Nail-down floors have smooth edges, while click-together floors feature edges equipped with tongue-and-groove or click connectors. 

Strand woven bamboo is manufactured differently than regular bamboo flooring. Traditional bamboo floors are made by drying and slicing the bamboo plants into thin strips. These strips are boiled to remove starches, then glued onto a wood base. This creates a look that is unique to bamboo and does not resemble true wood grain. 

Strand woven floors not only look like real wood but are also twice as hard as regular bamboo due to their manufacturing process. This makes strand woven bamboo the better choice for high traffic or commercial applications. 

                                     Process for Manufacturing Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring 

Strips of Raw Bamboo Fiber

Glued Bamboo Fibers

being pressed

Strand Woven extruded blocks

Natural Strand Woven Blocks

Raw Bamboo Fiber Strips

selected for color

Strand Bamboo heavily pressed

Large Blocks Carbonated

Strand Woven

Zebra Strand Woven Strips

Strips immersed in adhesive

Blocks of Strand Woven Bamboo

Carbonated Strand Slabs

to be re-cut

Tiger Strand Woven Strips

Installed Strand Woven Flooring

Technical Data: 

All Bamstar Products are made from Moso Bamboo specie (Phyllostachys pubescens) - origin ex Zhejiang Province, China. All Bamstar Bamboo products Conform to LEED(TM) (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) EQ 4.4 (low emitting materials with no added formaldehyde) and rating system, and LEED: MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials because it is made from Bamstar Premier6 Bamboo a rapidly renewable resource. 

Bamstar solid strip Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring uses only the best Scandinavian and European Water-proof Glues (Akzo Nobel and Dynea) which conform to very strict European E1 emission standards, and now approaching E0 standards, well below the limits of the California CARB requirements and OSHA, and being FREE of FORMALDEHYDE with less than 0.01 ppm Formaldehyde. These adhesive are also free of:

  • Components classified as hazardous to the environment

  • Components listed on international lists of chemicals with restrictions (also called observation lists)

  • Solvents (VOC), heavy metals, bactericides and halogenated organic components


  • Moisture Content: About 7 1/2 - 8 percent on average

  • Hardness:Averages above 2900 lbs/Sq. inch on the Janka Scale -100% harder than Red Oak and 80% harder than Hard Maple

  • Tensile Strength when tested according to ASTM D3500-90 A = parallel to grain = 15,290 PSI

  • Flammability: ASTM E 648: Received a Class 1 rating according to NFPA 101 (can be used in all classes of buildings)

  • Slip Resistance when tested according to ASTM D2047 = results of 0.71 coefficient of friction

  • Static Bending: ASTM D 3043 Method D: Average thickness .761", Avg. density 65.1 lbs/ft3, Average perpendicular MOR (psi)/MOE 103 psi) 8,091/520, Avg. parallel MOR (psi)/MOE (103 psi) 13, 608/1,451

  • Bending Elasticity Modulus Recorded 943,443 PSI shear

  • Smoke Density: ASTM E 622 Passed with 239 rating in flaming mode for Natural and 329 rating Non-flaming

  • Dimensional Stability AR/50/90 ASTM D 1037: Dimensional length change: Natural: 0.004%, Carbonated0.008%. Width change: for both Natural and Carbonated color there was no measurable change. Thickness change: for both Natural and Carbonated color there was no measurable.

  • Formaldehyde Emission: The formaldehyde off-gassing of the glue used in the manufacture of our Bamstar Solid 5/8" thick Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is FREE of Formaldehyde if Cold -Pressed or extremely low if Hot-pressed


Dark Carbonated and Natural Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring Prefinished

Strand Woven Colors

Natural Strand Woven 

Natural Strand Woven

Natural Strand Woven

Dark Carbonated Strand Woven

Dark Carbonated Strand Woven - Stairs and Risers

Dark Carbonated Strand Woven 

Dark Carbonated Strand Woven 

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