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Ellis Hardwood Flooring selects only the highest quality material from finest hardwood species available in the world.

We specialize in exotic and unusual species of flooring, from countries around the globe, which would add an exotic and dynamic effect to your home or commercial property. All flooring species are available in Unfinished or Prefinished with an Aluminum Oxide coating and Anti-scratch topcoat, carrying a 25-Year limited warranty on residential installations.

Our flooring is very competitively priced, and most people are amazed to learn that they can purchase a wide variety of European, African, Asian and South American wood species for virtually the same cost as domestic wood.

Kempas and Red Birch raw material supply

PHONE: +1(216) 245-6400  


Bubinga Flooring - High Gloss finish


Ellis Random Length Solid T&G Hardwood Strip Flooring

Butternut - Natural - Gunstock
Oak Flooring

Wenge Solid T&G Flooring

Beech Flooring 001.jpg
Ellis Steamed European Beech  photo.jpg
Jatoba Flooring.jpg

Burma Teak

Asian Paduak

Kempas Flat Grain

Ellis flooring.jpg

Ellis solid hardwood flooring has a tongue-and-groove construction, and can be easily installed over various floor surfaces such as concrete slabs or wood sub-floors, etc. Ellis strip flooring is packed in random length selection in each box. Tongue and Groove construction makes for basic installation, like that of other hardwood floors. Ellis Flooring can be installed using the traditional nailing or stapling methods. Since Ellis Flooring is a product of nature, there will be slight variations in color.

A traditional wood floor can bring a new look into your home, office or retail store. Perfect for restaurants, schools, gymnasiums, businesses, hotels and resorts. All Ellis Hardwood flooring is available Unfinished or Pre-finished with Aluminum Oxide coating. The normal gloss rate offered is 25% to 30%, but it is also available in a high- gloss finish to give your floor a shiny sleek look. With a variety of combinations available, there is sure to be a style that’s just right for your project.

We offer a wide variety of solid hardwoods including, but not limited to, the following:

Species                                                                              Size                                                          Lengths

 White Oak                                                                  3/4" x 5"  (18 x 125mm)                          1ft to 6ft (300 - 1800mm)

(Color options: Natural, Gunstock & Butternut)                       


Maple                                                                            3/4" x  5"  (18 x 125mm)                        1ft to 6ft (300-1800mm)

Chinese Birch                                                              3/4" x  5"  (18 x 125mm)                       1ft to 6ft (300-1800mm)  

Kempas                                                                         3/4" x  5"  (18 x 125mm)                       1ft to 6ft (300 - 1800mm)

Merbau                                                                         3/4" x  5"  (18 x 92mm)                          1ft to 6ft (300 - 1800mm)

Teak                                                                               3/4" x 5" (18 x 125mm)                          1ft to 6ft (300-1800mm) 

Wenge                                                                           3/4" x 5" (18 x 125mm)                          1ft to 6ft (300-1800mm)

American Walnut                                                       3/4" x 5"  (18 x 92mm)                           1ft to 6ft (300 - 1800mm)

Jatoba                                                                            3/4" x 5"  (18 x 125mm)                         1 ft to 6ft (300 - 1800mm)

Cumaru                                                                         3/4" x 5" (18 x 125mm)                          1 ft to 6 ft (300 - 1800mm)

                     All available in smooth finish or wire-brushed finish, and also available in hand-scraped.

Ellis stores and maintains all of our wood products in environmentally controlled warehouses, to ensure delivery of a top quality product with proper moisture levels. Our warehouse location is strategically located to cover shipments to all corners of the USA.

A reliable product should be backed by reliable service, and we pride ourselves and believe that our Customer Service and Logistics Departments are one of the best in the USA.

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