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BamStar Bamboo Flooring  is a product of ELLIS USA, For the past 18 years, BamStar has been manufacturing high quality flooring with our partners in China.


The bamboo used for BamStar’s remier6 -FLOORING is Moso (Phylloystachus Pubescens)or Mao Zhu (“hairy”) Bamboo, grown in selected areas by independent farmers in Zhejiang, Anhui and Fujian Provinces in China. Of the numerous species of bamboo grown worldwide, this is the only speciestable enough to produce BamStar’s bamboo products. The bamboo used by BamStar is harvested at about 5-1/2 to 6 years of age to ensure mature growth, consistent color and hardness. This is the ideal age for harvesting, with the remaining roots re-growing in order to be re-harvested in a future growth cycle. Since Bamboo is a grass and not a tree, it is classified as a sustainable and renewable resource being environmentally friendly.


BamStar is widely recognized as being one of the leaders in the bamboo flooring industry, offering one of the best qualities of bamboo flooring products available, as well as the largest range of bamboo flooring, bamboo panels and veneer, and bamboo accessories (moldings, stair-treads, vents) on the market, all at very competitive prices.

Bamstar flooring can be customized to meet your personal needs with colors & finish options.


By having our own China operations, we are able to guarantee consistency of production, manufactured with state-of-the-art German and Italian machinery and coating plants, utilizing only European (Scandinavian) glues and German finishes, that all strictly conform to European Union E1 emission standard, and lower, now approaching E0 standards. The glues used are well below OSHA required standards. BamStar’ s Prefinished flooring is coated with 9 total coatings, including Aluminum Oxide and an Anti-Scratch topcoat all UV cured to ensure hardness and durability of finish.

BamStar offers direct shipments from our China factory, as well as supply from our inventory warehoused in the USA.


BamStar is committed to providing the best quality bamboo flooring, Bamboo Moldings,bamboo panel products and bamboo wall coverings on the market, and will continue to develop new and innovative products.

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