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BamStar Premier6 solid tongue-and-groove Bamboo strip flooring is an extremely attractive look and one of the most popular choices of consumers. Tongue and Groove construction makes for basic installation, much like that of other hardwood floors. BamStar Flooring can be installed using the traditional nailing or gluing methods. Due to the nature of the bamboo there is less shrinkage and swelling allowing easier installation. Since BamStar Flooring is a product of nature, there will be slight variations in color. 

All Bamstar Bamboo Flooring is made from our specially selected Premier6 Mao Zhu (Moso) Bamboo specie (Phyllostachys pubescens) - origin ex Zhejiang Province, China. All Bamstar Flooring, Moldings and Plywood conforms to

  • LEED™ (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) EQ 4.4 (low emitting materials with no added formaldehyde) and rating system

  • LEED: MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials

  • FSC Certified is required

Bamstar Premier6 Flooring is laminated with Dynea adhesives and a total of 9 coatings, includinf Treffert Aluminum Oxide  and Anti-Scratch topcoat - all emitting extremely low VOC's - far below the requirements of the European Union E1 Standards (European Chamber Test Norms with an upper limit of 0.017 ppm or 0.13 mg/M3 formaldehyde) . These standards exceed those of OSHA's maximum allowance of 0.75 ppm and lower than CARB 2 (California Air Resources Board) Standards and WHO (World Health Organization) standards. 

We are able to guarantee consistent quality and service.

  • Bamstar Bamboo flooring is manufactured in our China facility using only state-of-the-art German (Weinig and Homag) molders, and Italian end-matching machinery

  • utilizing only European glues (Akzo Nobel and Dynea) which are lower than the strict European E1 Emission standards, and now approaching E0 Standards - being virtually FREE of FORMALDEHYDE

  • using only German fTreffert inishes (Aluminum Oxide with Anti-Scratch topcoat)

  • using Bamstar Premier6 bamboo that is between 5 1/2 and 7 years old - the most desirable age



P:  +1 (216) 245-6400


Available in 37-3/4" (960 mm) and in 6 Ft (1850 mm) lengths, in either Unfinished or Prefinished with Aluminum Oxide Coating and Anti-Scratch topcoat


Thickness                          Style Color                                    Width                               Length

5/8" (15 mm)    Horizontal Natural or Carbonated      3-3/4" (96 mm)              37-3/4" (960 mm)

5/8" (15 mm)    Vertical Natural or carbonated            3-3/4" (96 mm)              37-3/4" (960 mm)

5/8" (15 mm)    Horizontal Natural or Carbonized       3-3/4" (96 mm)              72"      (1850 mm)

5/8" (15 mm)    Vertical Natural or Carbonized            3-3/4" (96 mm)              72"      (1850 mm)

5/8" (15 mm)    Horizontal Natural or Carbonated      6"      (150 mm)              72"      (1850 mm)

5/8" (15 mm)    Vertical Natural or Carbonated            6"      (150 mm)             72"      (1850 mm)

Bamboo is an Environmental Choice


Did you know that Bamboo is the fastest growing tree! Bamboo is actually considered a grass, rather than a wood, which means that the same tree can be re-harvested for many years. Bamboo has a very intricate rooting system allowing the same plant to regenerate itself and to be re-harvested every 3-5 years. Bamboo also grows in large amounts and may be selectively harvested annually. This makes bamboo one of the most renewable and abundant natural resources on the planet and sustainable.

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