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Here are some guidelines provided by the National Wood Flooring Association that will help preserve a beautiful finish and keep maintenance to a minimum and recommended for all your Ellis hardwood floors:

  • Place mats and throw rugs at doorway exteriors and interiors to help prevent the tracking of grit, dirt and sand.

  • Sweep or vacuum wood floors regularly.

  • Never wet-mop a wood floor. Standing water can dull the finish, damage the wood and leave a discoloring residue.

  • Wipe up food and other spills immediately with a dry or slightly dampened towel (wipe dry).

  • Put plastic or fabric-faced glides under the legs of furniture to prevent scuffing and scratching.

  • Remember: cleats, sports shoes and high heels can dent any floor surface.

  • When moving heavy furniture, protect wood flooring by slipping a piece of cloth or pile under the legs or covering each leg with a heavy sock or half a milk carton.


There are a variety of hardwood floor cleaners on the market. Please follow their directions precisely. Pay attention to cleaners that require mixing with water. Water can damage your floor if it mixed incorrectly with the cleaner or is left on too long. We recommend a product called PolyCare (manufactured by Absolute Coatings, Inc.).

Finished floors should not be waxed. Wax based products will affect the coating finish and irreparably dull it.


Should you ever have any questions or problems concerning your hardwood floor please feel free to contact us @

+1 (216) 245-6400

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