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In order to offer a complete range of European Beech products and become a vital sales force of this specie, we established our own operations in Europe, with dry kilns in Italy, and a constant supply of raw material originating in the former Yugoslavian Republics in Eastern Europe, a region renowned for the tight grain, fine texture, consistent color and extremely high quality Beech steamed Beech in our yard in Italy,


Being able to offer a complete range of Beech lumber, including products such as strips and cut-to-size dimension, both rough sawn and machined, and now T & G Prefinished Beech Flooring, has enabled Ellis USA to expand their European Beech operations.


In our Premier Export FAS/FEQ Grade, we guarantee a minimum of 90-95% of every board being clear on four sides. Our Select Export Grade has a minimum of three faces clear. All the Beech is free of red heart.

Ellis USA offers both Steamed (pink) and Unsteamed (white) European Beech, with the majority of demand being for Lightly Steamed. With Unsteamed European Beech, extra care is taken to eliminate all sticker stain and sticker shadow. Ellis USA ’s grading standards guarantee careful handling, and controls of kiln drying are then instituted to ensure flat lumber that is crack and check free. The company has very strict graders, overseeing the stringent quality standards that have been instituted.

By having complete control from the saw milling stage to the finished kiln dried product assures our customers that they will receive exceptional grade, consistent quality and excellent export prepared pack.



Pilot Name:Beech

Scientific Name:Fagus Sylvatica spp.


Origin: Europe


Sapwood: Difficult to differentiate from heartwood.


Heartwood: Color:  Whitish to very pale brown in unsteamed form. It darkens to pink or

light red on steaming and to pale red brown on exposure 

Grain: Straight with broad rays conspicuous on longitudinal surface.

Flat sawn:  Plain in appearance, but quarter sawn exhibits silver. 

Structure: Fine and even texture. 

Texture: Fairly hard with a fine and even texture.



Lightly Steamed European Beach

in our yard in Italy

Unsteamed (White) European Beech

Lightly Steamed European Beech

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