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Bamstar brings the bamboo forest to your walls in an Eco-Friendly form that is easy to install, much like regular wallpaper, and is an economical green alternative to hardwood paneling. All Bamstar Bamboo Wall Coverings are adhesive backed with heavy gauze that can be glued onto walls in a similar way to wall-paper 

Bamstar offers high quality wall paneling in a wide variety of styles, designs and sizes, from Natural and Carbonated flat Bamboo strips in widths of 5 mm to 17 mm wide, to thread woven and non-thread woven patterns of Multi-Colored bamboo to Burnt and patterned designs. 

Bamboo Wall Coverings are Environmentally Friendly 

The surge in bamboo's popularity as a viable alternative to wooden paneling and trim has driven innovation and allowed the development of many different styles of bamboo wall covering options. In many cases, the bamboo walls can be made to look like regular hardwood panels due to the natural grain of the bamboo material. 

Since virtually every part of the bamboo plant can be used in other applications, harvesting bamboo results in very little waste and far less energy is consumed during the harvesting process. And the sheer variety of bamboo species allow for wall coverings that are distinctive and attractive decorating choices no matter what motif you may have in mind for your home. 

All designs are available in rolls 49 Ft (15 M) long with heights from 3 Ft (910 mm) up to 9 Ft. (2.70 M). 

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Wall coverings in Rolls up to 8ft high x 49 Ft long 

HAND-PAINTED Bamboo Wall Coverings 

Bamboo Wall Coverings 

Wall coverings have gauze backing and are applied the same way as wallpaper


Bamboo Poles -available in a variety of colors

Matching Color Stained Bamboo Molding Accessories