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BAMSTAR Bamboo Paneling


Bamstar Bamboo paneling is available in all design configurations and colors. We offer both Horizontal and Vertical surfaces in either Natural or Carbonized (caramel) color.

It is ideal for counter-tops, cabinetry, furniture, moldings, doors or any interior building use.

  • Standard Paneling Sizes                                                                                                                                            

Thickness: 1/8” (4 mm) to 4” (100 mm) - rising in 1/8” increments
Width: 2 Ft (610 mm), 3 Ft (910 mm), 4 Ft (1220 mm)
Length: 8 Ft (2440 mm)   


For large enough orders we also CUT-TO-SIZE to suit customer’s demands

*Horizontal or Vertical, Natural or Carbonized unfinished only
*Other sizes and dimensions are available on a special-order basis.








This style is made with Horizontal                                                 This style is made with Horizontal layers  

Multi-layers same directional                                                         cross laminated for each layer

Size: ¾” x 4 Ft x 8 Ft                                                                 Size: 7/8” x 4 ft x 8 Ft                                               This style is made with single                                                This is made with a Vertical core and cross -

 (20x1220x2440mm) vertical laminations                           Laminated top and bottom layers







Laminated Plywood Boards - Specifications 

  • Moisture Content:   About 8 percent average

  • Hardness: 1480 Janka Scale

  • Screw Holding (Face & Edge): ASTM D 1037 in lbf:                                                                                          Face avg. 410, end grain edge 733, side grain edge 391

  • Flammability: ASTM E 84: Panels received a Class 2 rating according to SGS-US testing when coated with NCFR-100 1XC clear varnish fire retardant. This applies to wall and ceiling coverings; panels received a Class 3 rating untreated

  • Static Bending: ASTM D 3043 Method D: Average thickness .761", Avg. density 65.1 lbs/ft3, Average perpendicular MOR (psi)/MOE 103 psi) 8,091/520, Avg. parallel MOR (psi) /MOE (103 psi) 13,056/1,451

  • Smoke Density: ASTM E 622 where passing is 450 or less, untreated bamboo panels pass with a 45 rating in flaming mode and a 370 rating with fire retardant-treatment

  • Dimensional Stability AR/50/90 ASTM D 1037: 90% RH: Avg. perpendicular linear expansion .063%, Avg. parallel linear expansion .086%, Avg. perpendicular thickness swell .746%, Avg. parallel thickness swell 1.061%.

  • The strength, hardness, intensity of our Laminated Bamboo Plywood Boards are better than that found in regular wood boards, because of the process of High-steam pressure manufacturing process.  These boards are waterproof with limited shrinking and expanding rates and are humidity resistant and smooth.

Bamstar Bamboo Laminated Plywood Panels &

Laminate Bamboo Plywood with Tiger Strand Woven Top and Bottom layers

Natural Vertical Horizontal 3-Ply Plywoo
Natural Vertical Solid Boards.jpg
3-PLY Natural Vertical Boards.jpg
Natural Vertical Solid Boards.jpg
Carbonized Bamboo Butcher Block style bo
Waterproof + Anti-skid_1.JPG
Tiger Strand Bamboo Boards.jpg
Bamboo Plywood.jpg
Waterproof + Anti-skid_1.JPG
100 Bamboo.jpg
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